Creative. Candid. Insightful.

Our approach to offering professional creative services is firmly guided by our belief in being candid. Through this honest and trusting business relationship, we'll be able to offer an insightful contribution to your project. Our team is composed of like-minded young experts who are driven to succeed, and have a strong desire to perform towards positive results.

We avoid describing our company as a full service agency, only because it’s cliche. However, we pull off herculean efforts for our clients and continue to be trusted with major creative projects everyday - all of which is a testament to our success and work ethic. We have the capacity to be as involved for as much as you would like us to be. Some clients need us for strategy, but most retain us for full execution.

Today, we’re northern Ontario’s leading creative agency.

  • Jana Van de Rydt,
    Senior Project Director

  • Matthew Urso,
    Senior Designer & Web Developer

  • Ryan Kozicki,
    Video Director

  • Joseph Mansourian,
    Managing Director

  • Julien Chaput,
    Creative Director

  • Brittney Smith,
    Senior Designer & Illustrator

  • Amanda Young,
    Project Director

Why the name ‘OvertheAtlantic’

Here’s an explanation from Joseph Mansourian, Managing Director and Founder.

Most of my travel in life involved flying over the Atlantic Ocean. There is a sense of helplessness when flying over the open ocean. There is no control – just clouds and water beneath you. It’s an exhilarating feeling and should never be taken for granted. As I grew older, I realized it wasn’t a feeling of helplessness, rather a disconnection from reality. That disconnection gives you time to reflect on anything and everything all at once.

There is no park, café, library, living room or office that offers that much inspiration and focus. Being up there teaches us about perspective and what is really important.

There’s a sense of romanticism in the scenery and process of flight, and there’s adrenalin for the anticipation of arrival. We arrive somewhere to start, recharge and reflect. For me, this journey begins over the Atlantic.

The name was conceptualized in 2006. The company was incorporated in 2008.

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